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Dedication to the Craft, Commitment to the Client


About Commit

We often speak about "windows" at Commit CHB.  Windows are opportunities to convey information. 

Information can come in bursts.  Information is immediate.  Shipment cleared!  Cargo delivered!  Information is also historic.  It can be gathered, stored, interpreted, analyzed. 

Our job as your Customs broker is to provide you with visibility to this information.  As information becomes apparent, we want you to know it.  As we compile information, we want to share it with you. 

Brokerage Services

Commit CHB uses industry standard practices to ensure that your freight is delivered to your door. Commit CHB is a new company, but don't let that fool you.  We are driven by a team with vast industry experience. Timeliness is everything in Customs brokerage.  We believe that preparation, attention to details, and communication are the keys to optimal performance. 

Compliance Services

Commit CHB offers a broad palette of compliance services.  We have a strong background in compliance matters, and our menu of compliance services is growing all the time


At Commit CHB, we track more than 15 different event codes on each shipment - from the export date until the day we are paid.  We track the information for our own benefit - it helps us create a more consistent, better organized service for our clients.  And we want you to have this same information. 


Our Mission

At Commit CHB, we work hard to develop long-lasting and ever-evolving partnerships with our clients, our vendors, our government and our community.  That requires us to be open about what our goals as an entity are. 








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